Bendigo Bank Personal Loan What to Know?

Bendigo Bank Personal Loan

Bendigo Bank was established in the year 1858. The bank offers an extensive range of banking products and services to its clientele. Among the products offered comprises home loans, capitals management, Internet financial transactions as well as credit cards. It also offers Bendigo Bank Personal Loan to customers to meet their contemporary and future economic needs.

What are personal loans?

A personal loan refers to the money loaned out from a bank, credit merger or from an online financier that needs to be paid back in a fixed monthly payment normally over a period of two to five years. Lender rates can vary as from 6% to 36% APR.
Most of the personal loans are unsecured as they are not receded by collateral. A secured loan is always backed by collateral like a car.

Uses of Bendigo Bank Personal Loan

Consolidate debt
 As a substitute to a payday loan
 To finance home refashioning
 To finance moving expenses
 Unintended emergency expenses
 Also to make a huge purchase

Financial products offered by Bendigo Bank
The following are different types of financial products offered by the Bendigo bank. They include;
 Transaction accounts.
Bendigo Bank offers a wide range of transaction accounts to suit daily banking necessities.
 Credit cards
The bank has a wide range of credit cards going from the low rate rudimentary Credit Card to the all-encompassing credit Card.
 Savings accounts.
Bendigo Bank offers its customers an account with stress-free access and reasonable rates.
 Home loans.
Bendigo Bank offers a set of home loans premeditated to suit the customer needs for a new home.
Bendigo bank personal loan and others like insurance, tourism, and intercontinental payments, as well as term payments.

How to apply for Bendigo Bank Personal Loan?

To be worthy for a Bendigo Bank personal loan, one must be:
•At least 18 years of age
•The customer has to be an Australian citizen.
• Have to be in salaried employment
• Must have a decent credit history
• The loan application should not be for business purposes
•No third party involvement

To apply for loan, the applicant needs to provide facts concerning their income and employment information, particulars of assets and assurances, and also driver’s license. Once the application process is completed, it will be reviewed and the result communicated within a short duration.

The application process is very simple as the applicant only basic to select the most appropriate loan and then send the details via branch or online. The minimum amount of money one  can borrow is $ 2000.